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  Alongside   Abandonment   Halibut   Cape Islander
  Clam Diggers   Dorymen   Cap Forchu   Gaspereaux
  Marsh Hay   La Maison   Reflection   Rapure
  Fishing schooner   Guttin' fish   Gaffin' fish   Saltbanker
  Shanty   Smack   Tealeaves   Mendin' trawl
  Harvest   Signing of oath   Proclamation   Burn & lay waste
  Sanctuary   Yacht   Buglight   Sluice Point
  Oar up!   Weather Eye   Fishing Boat   Lobster Pots
  Sock Maker   Pinckney Point   Reaping   Ox Plow
  Duck Hunter   Hooking Net   The Fiddler   Mending Net

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